Most Jivamukti Yoga classes are designed to be practiced in a vinyasa form. The word vinyasa means a 'joining or linking mechanism'. Vinyasa is a method of practicing asana (physical practices) that are presented in a sequence, flowing one to the next. The practice focuses on trying to consciously link & align one’s breath & spiritual intention with the movement throughout the class. Some yoga methods may associate vinyasa with the word “flow” to a certain level. All Jivamukti Yoga classes give students the opportunity to develop an understanding of vinyasa & refine their skills through deep exploration.


In the Fundamentals class, alignment is the emphasis. Students are taught “how to do” asanas as well as the use of props. The Fundamentals class provides the underlying structure to help a student to be able to eventually enter into an Open class intelligently & safely. Beginners are encouraged to take all four weeks of the Fundamentals course. Intermediate & advanced students will also benefit from exploring the alignment essentials presented in these classes. It is advisable that a student register for the full four-week programme starting with Week One; but a student can also drop into any class at any time during the month. This class is suitable for beginners, but open to all levels of practitioner.


Each Jivamukti Yoga | Fundamentals Class is part of a four-week course that explores a different theme each week:

  • Week One: Standing Asanas

  • Week Two: Forward Bending Asanas

  • Week Three: Backward Bending Asanas

  • Week Four: Inversions, Meditation and “Putting it All Together”

The Fundamentals class may vary between 60-90 minutes.


The Jivamukti Yoga | Open Lite class is open to all yogis! This flowing & progressive class is the ideal gateway to Jivamukti Yoga | Spiritual Warrior & Jivamukti Yoga | Open classes. You can expect to be safely guided with verbal, as well as (optional) hands-on, assists to build balance, strength, confidence & knowledge in the Jivamukti Method of Yoga. This Jivamukti Yoga | Open Lite class is a slower paced & more accessible class combining warm-up with a mixture of standing, balancing, forward bending, backward bending & twisting postures (asana) as well as inversions. This flowing class will introduce & guide you through intention setting, chanting, breath work (pranayama), spiritual teachings, alignment exploration, meditation & relaxation.

The Jivamukti Yoga | Open Lite class may vary between 60-90 minutes in duration. 


The Jivamukti Yoga | Open Class is a fully immersive yoga experience. It is open to practitioners of all levels as you work at your own pace, following the teacher’s verbal as well as (optional) hands-on guidance.

A typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga:

  • ahimsa (kindness)

  • bhakti (devotion)

  • dhyana (meditation)

  • nada (music)

  • shastra (scripture)

An Open class presents classical yoga spiritual teachings as relevant to one’s life on & off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness (pranayama), flowing vinyasa sequences creatively designed by the teacher, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation & meditation. The class may also include partner work or a ‘workshop style’ breakdown of more challenging asana for all levels. A musical soundtrack might form part of this class - everything from ragas, dance, pop, hip-hop, classical & spoken word.

The class is open & suitable to all levels of practitioner. Even so, beginning level students should know that there will not be much detailed “how to do” descriptions; for that a student is advised to attend Fundamentals or Beginner Vinyasa classes.


An Open Class may vary between 60-90 minutes in duration. NOT suitable for complete beginners!


Jivamukti Yoga | Spiritual Warrior classes are designed for busy people who only have an hour to practice. The class is fast paced & invigorating. It is certainly a “get-in-shape” class! The structure is a fixed set sequence instructed in a vinyasa (flowing) style. It is a fully balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, surya namaskar (sun salutations), standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, meditation & relaxation. The teacher focuses on keeping the pace moving & does not stop to give spiritual discourses. Since the asana sequence is always the same, a student will pick it up quite quickly after only a couple of classes.

The Spiritual Warrior sequence is a 60-75 minute class.


The Jivamukti Yoga | Magic Ten & Beyond class is the latest exciting offering from Jivamukti Yoga. Designed by co-founder Sharon Gannon, based on her personal spiritual practice, this class goes beyond asana & includes positive affirmations, kriyas (cleansing practices), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation & relaxation, for all-round well-being.

The Magic Ten & Beyond is a ten-step simple spiritual practice designed especially for busy people who want profound results. It was created to be used as a customized guide for your individual lifestyle; broken down into ten practices. It was originally presented as a ten-week step-by-step course where each week incorporates a unique spiritual intention.

Magic Ten & Beyond is a 60-75 minute class.

Practice the Jivamukti Yoga Magic Ten with Sharon Gannon.


The Jivamukti Yoga | Magic Ten is a series of simple exercises, designed by Sharon Gannon, that can be done within 10 minutes. It is a good way to warm up for an asana class or to get your body moving first thing in the morning, or at any time you need a 'pep up'.


The Magic Ten exercises are one of the ten daily practices within the Magic Ten & Beyond class. They also form the warm up for the Spiritual Warrior class; whilst the 'Magic Six' exercises form the warm up for the Fundamentals class.

The Magic Ten exercises can be done in around 10-15 minutes.


The Jivamukti Yoga | Restore & Renew is the latest class to be added to the Jivamukti Method. This class is designed to rest your mind & your body. It involves gentle movement, breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, a guided relaxation, Sanskrit chanting & asana that are held for a couple of minutes to gently but effectively lengthen the fascial tissue of the body. After taking this class, you will feel both physically & mentally restored whilst renewing your commitment & intention for practicing yoga.


It is a wonderful addition & compliment to all vinyasa-based Jivamukti Yoga classes, such as Open class or the Spiritual Warrior sequence. This class will gently but effectively stretch your fascia, elongate your breath & calm your mind.

A Restore & Renew class may vary between 75-90 minutes in duration.


The Pilates method of body conditioning is a set of low-impact exercises performed in standing, kneeling, steated & lying positions. Kevin's Pilates classes combine traditional matwork Pilates exercises, mindful movement & functional fitness whilst being influenced by his many years of yoga practice.


The principles that guide the Pilates method include a concentration on controlled, precise & flowing movements with a steady, flowing breath. Joseph Pilates called his exercise form 'Contrology' so control is one of the key principles of the method.

Pilates works on the deep core & stabilizing muscles of the body (pelvic, abdominal, back & shoulder muscles), in a challenging yet safe way, to tone, strengthen & condition muscles, stabilise joints, increase flexibility, challenge balance & re-educate posture as well as reducing stress to create a fitter & more functional' you'. Class concludes with a short period of relaxation.

Pilates classes are non-competitive & suitable for any age or fitness ability. Each exercise is performed in a slow & controlled manner. Exercises can be adapted to suit individual health needs & injuries.

A matwork Pilates class is usually 60 minutes long.