If you are new to class then you will find lots of useful information & suggestions below but please do not hesitate to contact Kevin if you have any other questions or queries!

Yoga & Pilates are both practices in mindfulness.


Most importantly, have an open mind & willingness to explore new things.


Ideally, download & complete the registration form prior to arriving at your first class.


Try not to eat right before class. Ideally leave 2-3 hours between eating & exercising.


Arrive 10-15 minutes early to class to avoid being late & to allow time to get settled. Lateness disturbs both the teacher & other students & it is often at the beginning of class when important information is given.

Remember to check-in with the teacher even if it's just a quick "hello".

Bring only what is essential into class & please place all personal belongings near a wall in order to keep the space around your mat clear, tidy & accessible (and avoid trip hazards).

Be more present during class by kindly switching any mobile phones to either silent or completely off. Why not even leave your mobile phone at home or in your car & spend an hour 'digitally detoxing'?

Approach your practice with physical calmness & mindful serenity. Please arrive early to talk with friends or wait until after class but be aware of other students who might enjoy quiet immediately before & after class.



In light of the current global pandemic, please bring all of your own equipment where possible for health, safety & hygiene purposes.

You can purchase an 'equipment pack' from Kevin but spare/communal/shared items will also be available for use where needed.

You are likely to sweat & create more body heat during Yoga than during Pilates class so wear loose, comfortable & warm layers of clothing as appropriate.

We firmly believe that our feet work best if we allow them to move freely & functionally rather than being squashed into shoes (normal feet are not always natural feet!). So, do your feet a favour & take class barefoot. There are many benefits to taking class barefoot, but please feel free to wear socks during Pilates class if you prefer.

Remember to bring an additional layer (jumper, cardigan or fleece) or a blanket for during the relaxation at the end of class - you will loose heat quickly once you become physically still.

In terms of mats, please bring a suitable non-slip mat. Yoga mats are often thinner but have greater grip, whereas Pilates mats are often thicker & spongy but have significantly less grip.

It is okay to drink during Pilates class but please avoid drinking during the physical asana part of a yoga class as you will lose the body heat being intentionally created if you drink water! Hydrate yourself well before & after class.

If you borrow a mat or prop, please be considerate to the next user by giving it a wipe down after use & replace the mats/equipment as you found them.


Bring the following to ALL Yoga classes:

  • loose, comfortable clothing

  • non-slip yoga mat

  • yoga bricks (2-4)

  • head block

  • 1.5m + yoga strap

  • blanket

  • small towel (if you tend to sweat lots)

  • eye pillow [optional]

  • practice BAREFOOT only

  • AVOID drinking during the asana practice


Bring the following to ALL Pilates classes:

  • loose, comfortable & warm clothing

  • non-slip yoga OR Pilates mat

  • head block

  • 1.5m + resistance band (e.g. latex)

  • blanket

  • small towel (if you tend to sweat lots)

  • eye pillow [optional]​

  • practice BAREFOOT or in NON-SLIP SOCKS

  • it is okay to drink water during class


(* there will be no hands-on assists in class during the current global pandemic)

Jivamukti teachers may use hands-on assists, China GelOrganic Aloe & Lavender Lotion during class; please let the teacher know before class if you would rather be left alone.

YES, PLEASE: I would love to receive hands-on assists during this class.

NO, THANKS: I would prefer not to receive hands-on assists during this class.

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