from Hopwas

Since going to Kev’s classes I can feel & see the difference in my core muscles & my posture! Some of the moves are tricky but Kev explains them really well & helps us get there in the end! Kevin helps me to challenge myself more & more every week, & to push that little bit harder. It’s a very graceful exercise, hard work too but definitely worth it. The relaxation session that Kev gives at the end is super & helps me unwind at the end of my day too. Great class.


from Drayton Bassett

Pilates was one of those things that I knew I ought to give a go. Friends did it & said it was good. But I’m overweight, old, & have a bad leg so I did wonder if it was for me! I couldn’t attend a class where everyone else knew what they were doing without trying it out in private first. Kevin offered private classes at my home which allowed me to get one-to-one tuition first. He has a knack of explaining things that, at first, seems odd but it works & he quickly established what I could & couldn't do. His experience gave me enough confidence to learn the basics & attend the small group sessions he runs. I'm so much more confident, fitter & happier now!


Studio Owner from Lichfield

Kevin delivered a wonderful Jivamukti Yoga workshop at our studio. He is an excellent teacher , very inspirational & knowledgeable. The practice of Jivamukti is amazing; it really encompasses everything that is yoga - body, mind & spirit!


from Tamworth

I have been attending Kevin’s Pilates classes for over 2 years now. Kevin certainly knows his craft & I would highly recommend him. My body is much stronger & I’m now pain & injury free. Best thing I ever did was go along to one of his classes; thanks Kevin!


from Malmö

Kevin has a strong voice & gives clear, precise instructions. I appreciate how present Kevin is throughout the class, always controlling & checking every asana minutely. It makes the practice feel safe. Kevin knew the asana really well and so was able to give professional assists throughout.


from Fazeley

I have been attending weekly Pilates classes with Kev for more than three years now. I'd had a chronic back issue for years & was finding the pain really got me down - struggling to stand up & to sleep at night, let alone engage in my favourite hobbies. Someone recommended Pilates might help so I researched classes in Tamworth & discovered Kev. I can honestly say that attending weekly Pilates classes has completely transformed my life. I rarely suffer any discomfort now. The gentle Pilates exercises have eased my back issues considerably - any pain is now virtually negligible. I would thoroughly recommend Kev’s classes to anyone. He leads class with patience & professionalism!


from Atherstone

I had been practicing yoga for just over six months & was ready to push myself to be a bit stronger mentally & physically.  Kevin's yoga classes are hard work, but I love that I can feel I’ve had a good workout the next day.  With Kevin’s encouragement & assistance, I have persevered & achieved postures that I didn’t think I could.  I am so chuffed!

It’s been fantastic. I like learning new stuff & Kevin is an excellent teacher. Kevin encourages you to face the positive about it. Don’t back down, just keep trying. The hands-on assists are key for me; I’m a physiotherapist & so I know how important hands-on is for helping with your technique & alignment.


from Hopwas

Prior to attending Pilates I suffered with stiffness in my neck & shoulders due to bad posture over many years of working as a hairdresser where I developed bad habits of bending over clients washing hair etc. I initially had reservations about not being able to keep up with the rest of the class, but the way Kev teaches made it easy to fit in & work within my range at the time. I am much more supple now & have gained a lot more movement in my shoulders & neck. I have never been a sporty person nor very disciplined to do exercise at home. It's been interesting to learn how to exercise muscles you don’t use every day which play a major role in our general range of movement & balance; I never knew we had so many muscles & how they interact with each other.

I enjoy going to Pilates as it strengthen your joints & muscles, which is important for my age group to prevent mobility issues & falls; but it is beneficial for any age group really. What’s good is that you can feel the benefits. Pilates has given me the confidence to challenge myself in a friendly teaching atmosphere.


from Bodymoor Heath

For me personally, I'm attracted to the more spiritual/meditative dimension of yoga practice, so I'd hoped that by attending a regular class it would help me tap into that on a weekly basis as well as meeting like-minded people. However, I've ended up really appreciating the physical flexibility & health benefits that I feel I've already gained too. 

In the past, I've found yoga quite physically demanding as I'm not very flexible at all, which isn't always much fun! So, I worried I might not enjoy yoga. Although Kevin's yoga classes are physically demanding, I've found that I can very much take things at my own pace & I've ended up enjoying the challenge.

I've enjoyed each of Kevin's classes more with each week that I attend. I do go home in a different mental state to the one I arrived in & I feel like I'm making improvements too, particularly with the asanas & other physical dimension of the practice. Kevin is a very personable & welcoming teacher too, which helps.


from Berlin

Truly beautiful class Kevin! I loved your assists - they were firm & confident. It was great that you added humour to the class; it really helped to connect to you as a teacher. It was the best shavasana massage; thank you so much.


from Tamworth

I had never attended any type of fitness class before joining a Pilates class with Kevin. I wanted to take more care of my body & I was encouraged by my cousin as she thought I would enjoy it. I am quite a shy person & have self-doubt, so I would probably say I had some reservations about being self-conscious before I started.

I suffer with tendonitis in both elbows & have found strengthening my upper body has helped. Also, more recently, I have torn some cartilage & believe Pilates has helped my ongoing recovery with that. I think knowing you are going to a class is more of a commitment, I did exercise at home before joining the class but it is easier to give it a miss isn't it? I did do physiotherapy exercises for my arms at home, which helped, but I think the varied range of exercises in the Pilates class is more beneficial for me now. All over body strength & suppleness is the stand out for me; if I miss one class I find it more difficult when I go to the next class!


from Polesworth

Kevin is a great Pilates instructor. I moved to him from somebody else & he shows you how to push yourself & you finish the lesson feeling like your core is on fire. Would highly recommend to anybody of any ability.


from Lichfield

Kev's Spiritual Warrior classes are great! I am used to Ashtanga yoga, so these classes are good for me. I like the repetition of the practice & the way it can become a moving meditation (once you have been a few times & know the sequence). Kev instructs clearly & makes each & every pose suitable to all.

Russ & Jane

from Dosthill

We wanted to do something as a couple, so agreed to try Pilates. Since starting Pilates, my (Jane) sciatica issues have diminished & I feel generally fitter. That in turn has led to more walking & swimming. I (Russ) generally like the greater physicality of Pilates & feel that it supplements my martial arts training. I (Jane) was worried about not being as fit as others & therefore unable to keep up. I was also worried about being judged by others especially as I'm a bit conscious of my weight & lower level of fitness. Those fears never materialized & we both feel very comfortable in the group.


from Wigginton

Before joining Kevin's Pilates class, many years ago now, I had only practiced Pilates at home with DVDs as a possible solution to lower back & hip problems. From day one I have found Kevin's classes to be challenging but varied, progressive & most of all, effective. By attending regularly, I no longer experience the discomfort in my lower back & hip. In addition, I feel my posture & core strength have improved immensely.


from Kettlebrook

Following a back injury and advise from my physiotherapist to strengthen my core using Pilates, I contacted Kevin and arranged a one-to-one session.  I was really impressed, the session was conveniently arranged in my own home and was appropriate to my specific needs.  Kevin was friendly and knowledgeable and I feel confident in his ability to safely help me with my recovery. I enjoyed the hour enough to have now joined one of his classes which I'm finding to be both fun and beneficial.


Coton Green

I have been taking Pilates classes with Kev twice a week for a few months now. The classes are really enjoyable. Kevin is a lovely guy and we have lots of laughs. I cannot believe how much my shoulder problems have improved (they have loosened up considerably) and I especially enjoy the relaxation session at the end.


from Bretby

I love my Pilates class with Kevin on a Thursday evening. Kevin takes you through the movements step-by-step; everyone works to their own ability regardless of age & flexibility. I would recommend everyone to try this class as part of your own self-care & well-being.


from Wilnecote

After reading an article on Pilates, and its health benefits, I decided to give it a try for myself. As I was completely new to Pilates I started with a group of one-on-one sessions with Kev to get myself familiar with the practice. Kev was more than welcoming and patient and I have since attended his weekly Tuesday evening class. Not only have my strength and energy levels increased, Kev has also inspired me to pursue other ventures relating to health and fitness outside of Pilates. His dedication doesn't just begin and end with his sessions. I would recommend Pilates to anybody regardless of age or ability.


from New York

Kevin was great. He's very warm, kind & supportive. He really knows his anatomy.

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